The Two Musketeers

Ok, I must confess… For many years I was not a pet person.  Well technically I’ve owned fish but they are hard to pet, hold, and hug so they don’t count.  You must understand that it’s not because I don’t like animals but I feared for their lives.  I couldn’t keep fish alive… I couldn’t even keep house plants alive.  Also, I thought I’d start with 1 cat and somehow I’m now living with three cats; Ain’t that crazy!

It all started on a dark and stormy night then a new bright sunny Florida day appeared. My smart nephews were begging that they get a pet like a puppy or a kitten (honorable mention for a bunny) or a snake. There was a definite “No!” for the snake. I couldn’t resist their sad puppy eyes and in a moment of weakness agreed they could get a cat.

Why did we choose a kitten over a puppy?

Cats are the purrrfect choice!  The reason why we chose a cat over a dog came down to simply maintenance (well mostly):

  1. Kittens are born litter trained by instinct (Yay! No poop scooping walks!).  Well, I later learned that’s not 100% true via the kitten lady.  It’s nice if you get an automatic litter box to literally scoop the poop for you.
  2. Felines bathe themselves (woohoo)!  I don’t know how they do it but they mostly smell like fabric softener (at least to me).  On occasion when they get stinky stuff in their fur for whatever reason I use Burt’s Bees wipes as it makes their fur soft and great smelling.
  3. Cats are content indoors just like me! I had friends that owned cats that would go on vacation for a week and would leave the cats home alone with water, food, and a cat Genie with no fear. My dog owner friends wouldn’t dare do this for fear the house would be torn apart by a restless dog and well… used as a toilet.

Why did we choose to get a cat from a rescue shelter versus breeder?

    1. Firstly, by adopting from a rescue you save the life of the adoptee and another animal by the space that was just opened.
    2. Finally, It’s way cheaper! 😉

How did we end up with three cats (Musketeers)?!

At the pet store, one kitten came to the front of the glass trying to get to me and would trace my finger wherever I would move it.  I knew then that kitten was the one!  His name is “Tiger” and he’s an orange tabby.   When my brother & I went to pick Tiger up at the pet store he thought we should get two cats… I exclaimed, “what?! No way”.  My brother made a good point however that Tiger would have some other cat to keep from getting lonely.  So we adopted his black brother named “Lucivar”. Later Lucivar was renamed to “Cloud” (short for “Black Cloud”).  Tiger & Cloud were adopted on October of 2017 at 12 weeks old.

Fast forward to July of this year 2018…

A too cute cat was spotted on a supplies trip to the pet store;  Margarita is a grey tabby.  She also made the most interesting “squirrel” sound and hence Margarita at just 3 weeks old joined the clan.  Plus, you can’t be the Three Musketeers with only two Musketeers. 😉

Here are the Three Musketeers:

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