Cat Training

After having the cats a few weeks I just assumed I could call them by name and they would come running to me. Well… that didn’t happen and still to this day it hasn’t. However, the cats have trained me to let them know when it’s time to eat or when they are hungry haha. Seems now is a good time for some cat training.

“A cat will do what it wants when it wants, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.”  – Frank Perkins

I’ve decided to get “The Trainable Cat” by John Bradshaw & Sarah Ellis.  My goal is to give it a month or so and I will blog a review about it back here at this website.

With three cats it sounds like a lot of fun hard work.  I wonder if other factors like age and whether its a male or female plays into the trainability.  Right now a friend of mine seems to have unconventionally trained two of the cats to sit and reinforces it with a treat.  Also, one of the cats, named “Tiger” seemed to learn to fetch on his own:

As I’m waiting for the book I did some quick research and found cats are trainable even more so than dogs in certain areas and even compete in International Cat Agility Tournaments.  Whaaaaat?!  I’d like to have a cat that can Parkour!

Wanna know the top 3 trainable cats?  Well from the research I have done these cat breeds are the cream of the crop:

  1. Abyssinian (Aby) – pronounced [ab-uhsin-ee-uh] – This breed is actually known for its unusually high intelligence.  This breed would beat you in a game of Chess.  The Aby is also very outgoing with “dog-like” affection towards their owners.  I hear they chirp more than meow so I wonder if my cat Margarita is part Abyssinian (In my first blog I wrote about how she makes a squirrel sound instead of meowing).
  2. American Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair – (Yay! My cats are this breed) The All American cat… this breed is patient and laid back.  They are observant (I’ve mentioned how they seem to stare at me a lot) and have a sharp intelligence.  Their easy-going behavior makes them very adaptable for training.
  3. Bengal Cat – This cat is very curious and extroverted.  A very intelligent cat that seems to be always thinking and when not being trained should be entertained by toys.  Otherwise, they will entertain themselves by making a mess of your place.  Watch out!  If you have a fish tank this cat is not shy to go fishing.

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